What if?

Did you know

you are already healthy and whole underneath your thinking mind?

What if

you could experience less pain and anxiety?

What if

you could experience less mental stress by understanding more?

What if

how your mind works is universal?

What if

there are no techniques, methods or strategies needed?

All we are is peace, love and wisdom, and the power to create the illusion that we're not. 

                        Jack Pransky

If you're looking for true happiness outside of yourself, you're not going to find it 

My name is Kjersti Ane Østvik and I'm a Certified Change Coach. I would love to guide you on your path to discover your own wellbeing, resilience and innate health. It is lifechanging to discover who you really are and what mental wellbeing is all about. 

If you're anything like me, you have already tried every approach there is to feel better about yourself or to experience less pain. Most techniques and methods may help a little on the way to change, but in my experience real and lasting change happens when something fundamental shifts in us, from the inside out.

What if deep, lasting change does not start with changing your behaviour?

If you’ve tried everything but nothing has led to the sustainable change you want…
it’s time to look in a different direction.

          Dr. Amy Johnson

What is a Certified Change Coach?

I am a graduate of Dr. Amy Johnson's Change Coach Training Program. Her course is based on a revolutionary new paradigm in mental health that taps into peoples' natural, innate wellbeing and resilience. A Change Coach goes through extensive training and is taught how to help you break free from your habitual thinking by seeing how all humans work on a universal level. 

I can help you understand how your mind works to protect you against perceived threats, and how you can see through that and not be taken along for the ride every time your brain tells a story. As you begin to gain more clarity you will see a shift in your perspective and discover who you really are underneath your busy mind. 

I love Dr. Amy Johnson's iceberg analogy to explain how lasting change can happen by changing your understanding of the mind. If you compare your anxiety, mental stress and unwanted habits to an iceberg, this approach can help you increase the temperature of the water to begin melting the iceberg, instead of chipping away at it from the top. Lasting change comes from the inside out by seeing something new and profound that changes how you view yourself. It is going beyond the psychology of your mind to your innate mental health and wellbeing. 


your life


By understanding how your mind works

Change can start in the safe space of a friendly conversation. 

I can point you to a smoother experience of life by seeing how we all work as human beings, the same way I have been pointed myself.  

There are

no techniques

no strategies

no homework

There is simply understanding more of how you work, how your mind works, how pain works, what anxiety and mental stress really are, what thoughts are made of, where feelings come from.

Being in the unknown can be a relief

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A testimonial from one of my lovely clients

Coaching with Kjersti was always a beautiful experience for me. Her presence creates a beautiful atmosphere of peace and acceptance that causes your mind to calm down completely and makes you see there are no problems in your life. Her insights into states of anxiety and fear have helped me to see much more for myself and have deepened my sense of peace and trust in life. Kjersti uses her own experiences with chronic pain and anxiety and her knowledge of science and understanding , which is why sessions with her are so powerful and authentic. Her story and coaching gives you hope that nothing in life is lost and change is possible in any circumstance of life. I am very grateful to have met Kjersti.

Jitka Hanzova, Czech Republic

Memories are like holograms: you recreate in your head the whole image of something which isn't there.

             - Richard Bandler

Given that your true nature is endless wellbeing, clarity, and peace of mind... and given that new thought is always showing up for you when you don't interfere with the process by holding on to old thought... there's simply nothing to do but understand the way the system works.

          - Dr. Amy Johnson

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Nature is perfect and you are nature too



The true healer is greater understanding

- Angus Ross