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What I offer

If you are experiencing chronic pain or stress and want to explore the possibilities of change in your life, send me an email where you tell me a little bit about yourself and what you are up against. I can help you experience your pain and symptoms in a different way and live with less stress in your life. As you learn more about what pain is and how your brain works, it may not look so solid anymore. I know pain seems rock solid when you're in the middle of it, but what if that can change? I know it did for me. When the fear of pain subsides, the tension in your body changes and you can learn to trust your body more. I know I didn't trust my body at all and that kept me tensed up and in a lot more pain than when I discovered trust was an option. I would love to be your guide and companion on your journey to discover a life with less pain and stress. 

Get in touch if you want to explore what coaching with me may look like. You can fill in the form below and send it, or send me an email at :)

I offer one-to-one coaching on Zoom (or in person) where you can share whatever is on your mind in a safe space. You can book directly by clicking the button below, but if you do that I would like for you to send me a few words about yourself before our scheduled chat to get to know you and your situation a little bit. If you want to send me an email or submit the form below we can find out together whether coaching with me might be a helpful option for you. The first 30-minute session is always free. 

Change Coach Kjersti Ane Østvik

Mum, partner, cat owner, Change Coach, friend, sister, daughter, reader, writer, food lover Kjersti Ane (Kirsty O to my English speaking friends and clients :)) 

Given that your true nature is endless wellbeing, clarity, and peace of mind... and given that new thought is always showing up for you when you don't interfere with the process by holding on to old thought... there's simply nothing to do but understand the way the system works.

                                 Dr. Amy Johnson

When you book a session you'll receive a link to connect to Zoom. You can add the link and scheduled appointment to your calendar and access from a computer, smartphone or tablet. We can have the camera on or off depending on what you are most comfortable with. The conversations are of course always confidential. 

My rates are:

One 60 minute session $99

Contact me if you want to sign up for a package with several sessions at a lower rate.

Payments are accepted via PayPal

I'm available for clients speaking English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish, wherever you are in the world. 

Thanks for submitting!

Stop trying to heal yourself, fix yourself, even awaken yourself. Let go of letting go...Instead, bow deeply to yourself as you actually are. Be here. Honour this present scene in the movie. Your pain, your sorrow, your deepest longings, your fearful thoughts, are not mistakes, and they aren't asking to be healed. They are asking to be held. Here, now, lightly in the loving arms of present awareness. 

                                                                        - Jeff Foster

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