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Testimonials from some of my clients

I have been so grateful for the opportunity to receive coaching from Kjersti. She is a wonderful listener and someone you feel comfortable with immediately. Kjersti has had life experiences which have inspired her to help others, and has solid training from which to coach. Her background in the inside out paradigm allows her to support her clients in understanding how the mind works to keep us in unhealthy habits and what we can find within ourselves to go beyond the mind to the wisdom and health which is part of  who we really are. Working with Kjersti has made a true difference in my life and I am delighted to recommend her coaching services.

L. R., Michigan, USA

Coaching with Kjersti was always a beautiful experience for me. Her presence creates a beautiful atmosphere of peace and acceptance that causes your mind to calm down completely and makes you see there are no problems in your life. Her insights into states of anxiety and fear have helped me to see much more for myself and have deepened my sense of peace and trust in life. Kjersti uses her own experiences with chronic pain and anxiety and her knowledge of science and understanding , which is why sessions with her are so powerful and authentic. Her story and coaching gives you hope that nothing in life is lost and change is possible in any circumstance of life. I am very grateful to have met Kjersti.

Jitka Hanzova, Czech Republic

2021-05-25 10.32.51-1.jpg

Because of years of insomnia, I have a challenging everyday life. I used to feel absolutely shattered due to lack of sleep. The conversations with Kjersti helped me to accept the bad days more. With her I felt that I was allowed to feel all the difficult emotions without shame. I both laughed and cried in almost every session we had and felt good about it all. I am not so scared anymore of not having enough sleep. I can see now that the days following little sleep in fact can be as fulfilling as when the opposite is the case.

In short, regardless of what feelings I am experiencing, I feel more acceptance in each moment compared to what I did before. Kjersti is a present, competent, humorous coach!  

E.S., Norway

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